Similarly to all previous years, the last year also brought about many significant changes for Estonian restaurants. The quietude that had been prevalent among fine dining restaurants for years came to an end. 

Only one restaurant in the category closed its doors for good, but many others lost their attraction to customers. It no longer suffices to serve dishes made of costly raw material in an expensive and festive interior. A fine dining restaurant needs to be very special or not be there at all. 

In addition, the migration of chefs from one location to another had its effect on the restaurants in the category. It became clear that there were more restaurants thinking they were excellent than there were excellent chefs to work in them. As a result, only six restaurants instead of the ten of the previous year made it to the list. But the six are indeed very fine. 

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1. Alexander
2. Tchaikovsky
3. Bordoo
4. Ö
5. Horisont
6. Stenhus

This year’s rankings of the restaurants in Tallinn are special. We are finally ready to acknowledge the good even if it’s not of local origin. One third of the rankings is occupied by newcomers. For the first time, one restaurant has returned to the rankings which has never happened before. 

It’s as if the rankings have come alive. Belonging here is a sign of the restaurant’s quality and level. Making it into the rankings becomes more and more difficult by every year because the number of good eateries is fortunately growing and growing!

Last year was a year of soul-searching for the restaurants in Tallinn. It’s pointless to run a restaurant as a hobby or an investment. A good eating establishment – that means vast amounts of work and full dedication, meagre profit and no free time. Running a good restaurant has become a lifestyle and that’s how it’s going to stay.

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1. Chedi
2. Moon
3. La Bottega
4. Sfäär
5. Museum
6. Neh
7. Bocca
8. Ribe
10. Platz
11. F-hoone
12. Dominic
13. Lucca
14. Balthasar
15. Gloria
16. Rucola
17. Nero
18. Spirit
19. Fish & Wine
20. Monaco
21. Senso
22. Villa Thai

Just like in two previous years, the Tartu list underwent a considerable transformation this time as well. No new restaurants sprung into action, but none of the more important dining places terminated their activities either. Once again, the favourites of the people of Tartu changed. 

Simplicity and authenticity clearly dominated the preferences of this year. The genuine Italian restaurant La Dolce Vita almost rose to the top. The Georgian restaurant Gruusia Saatkond that has served people for ten years finally achieved a well-deserved spot among the best. 

The only place that arose in the category of Genuinely Estonian as a storm in a teacup in terms of the most important culinary news of Tartu was the café Anna Edasi. Tartu is a calm and peace-loving town. In everything. 

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1. Truffe
2. La Dolce Vita
3. Crepp
4. Noir
5. Dorpat
6. Gruusia Saatkond
7. Moka
8. Vilde

Estonia used to be famous for its qualitative agricultural products. Now it is time to return to the past, because different Estonian diners frequently offer food the only aim of which is to stick to your ribs.  

If the food does not give people the slightest idea of their whereabouts, there is no reason to stop by. And for those, who do not have the local roots and pride, Estonia is small enough to drive to places that are worth visiting without stopping on one's way. 

Fortunately, there are always pleasant exceptions that deserve visiting, no matter where their location is. The best of them are listed below. Travelling around Estonia is definitely worthwhile, even if the sole purpose is to enjoy the food. 

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Anna Edasi
Vanaema Juures
Lümanda Söögimaja
Muhu Kalakohvik
Põhjaka Manor
Sangaste rukkimaja
Seto Tsäimaja
Tammuri talurestoran
Alatskivi Castle

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The chart is prepared in two different parts. The judgement criteria are different for both parts.

First, 50 best restaurants are chosen from among approximately 1300 and the selection is based on the votes of the key workers of the restaurants.Each voter compiles a personal list of 7 restaurants that he or she thinks are the best in Estonia. The voters must have visited these places and the list cannot include the voters’ employers or restaurants related to their personal property. 

The restaurants that have been included in someone’s top 7 are invited to cast their votes as well. Each restaurant can appoint up to three of their most important employees as their voters: one member from the management team, one member from the kitchen staff and one member from the service staff. 

Taking part in the voting is strictly voluntary, not obligatory. The top 50 of Estonian restaurants is made up of restaurants that win the greatest number of votes. 

This is followed by a second round where food media representatives give their judgement. There are 30 of them: 12 from Estonia and 18 from abroad. Each restaurant is judged by 6–8 different judges, half of them from Estonia and half from abroad. 

The judges visit the restaurants anonymously. The judging is conducted by the method developed by the Swedish restaurant guide "White Guide" over a number of years. A total of 40 points can be given for food (17–21 satisfactory cuisine, 22–27 good level cuisine, 32–35 distinguishing cuisine, local top class, 36–40 brilliant cuisine, international top class). 

A total of 20 points can be given for drinks (8–10 satisfactory, 11–13 good, 14–17 distinguishing choice of drinks, local top class, 18–20 international top class). 

A total of 25 points can be given for service (8–12 satisfactory, 13–17 good, 18–22 local top class, 23–25 international top class). 

A total of 15 points can be given for milieu (5–7 neutral, 8–10 equal to the rest of the experience, 11–13 gives additional value to the experience, 14–15 is worth coming for by itself). 

The chart is formed based on the points given for food. If these points are equal, the sum of all scores will be considered. If these sums are also equal, the position in the chart is shared.


Flavours of Estonia is a programme that was launched in 2008 to support the development of culinary skills and introduce Estonia as a land of good food. 


Flavours of Estonia Today offers new real taste experiences to people who hold good food in high regard. Good food and matching drinks available right here and right now. Prepared in cooperation between the chef and the sommelier (barman, barista). With the best skills and knowledge. With the aim of offering small but carefully selected delicious delights every day. The offers are renewed every day. If you want to keep up with them, visit our website  or our Facebook page.