Tuljak – a song, dance, and restaurant

“Terve vald oli kokku aetud… 

parte, hanesid praeti 
vist üle tuhande ära…” 

 These are the lyrics to the famous Estonian folk song (and dance) that describe an ancient grand and merry wedding and gave the restaurant its name. In addition to songs and dances, Tuljak is also a fitting name for a restaurant, because it can accommodate the whole parish, if necessary. Having enough room is not going to be a problem. 

 Tuljak as a song has a nostalgic effect on Estonians, and Tuljak as a restaurant is, in a way, a nostalgic restaurant. There was a restaurant with the same name in Tallinn during the Soviet era. Its logo is re-stylized and back in use, and some of the flavours from the 1970s menu are on the menu again. 
 Quantity and quality rarely go hand in hand. Tõnis Siigur, Martti Siimann, and Marko Zukker, the owners of excellent restaurants (OKO, NOA), took a great risk with Tuljak. However, once again, they have delivered brilliantly, and now, Tallinn has one more splendid, and more importantly, distinctive restaurant. Tuljak has paid its respect to the twists and turns of history and thus earned its name as a restaurant.

Pirita tee 26e, Tallinn
+372 53022020
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The chart is prepared in two different parts. The judgement criteria are different for both parts.

First, 50 best restaurants are chosen from among approximately 1300 and the selection is based on the votes of the key workers of the restaurants.Each voter compiles a personal list of 7 restaurants that he or she thinks are the best in Estonia. The voters must have visited these places and the list cannot include the voters’ employers or restaurants related to their personal property. 

The restaurants that have been included in someone’s top 7 are invited to cast their votes as well. Each restaurant can appoint up to three of their most important employees as their voters: one member from the management team, one member from the kitchen staff and one member from the service staff. 

Taking part in the voting is strictly voluntary, not obligatory. The top 50 of Estonian restaurants is made up of restaurants that win the greatest number of votes. 

This is followed by a second round where food media representatives give their judgement. There are 30 of them: 12 from Estonia and 18 from abroad. Each restaurant is judged by 6–8 different judges, half of them from Estonia and half from abroad. 

The judges visit the restaurants anonymously. The judging is conducted by the method developed by the Swedish restaurant guide "White Guide" over a number of years. A total of 40 points can be given for food (17–21 satisfactory cuisine, 22–27 good level cuisine, 32–35 distinguishing cuisine, local top class, 36–40 brilliant cuisine, international top class). 

A total of 20 points can be given for drinks (8–10 satisfactory, 11–13 good, 14–17 distinguishing choice of drinks, local top class, 18–20 international top class). 

A total of 25 points can be given for service (8–12 satisfactory, 13–17 good, 18–22 local top class, 23–25 international top class). 

A total of 15 points can be given for milieu (5–7 neutral, 8–10 equal to the rest of the experience, 11–13 gives additional value to the experience, 14–15 is worth coming for by itself). 

The chart is formed based on the points given for food. If these points are equal, the sum of all scores will be considered. If these sums are also equal, the position in the chart is shared. 



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